Changelog PCEditor 1.2.60, 22.01.2011:
PCEditor 1.2.60, 22.01.2011
- New: Support for database Revision R13329
- New: Zapping from channel list and favourite list with space key,
  see PCEditor Settings, General, Zapping on space key

For the new database revision R13329 there now exist in contrast to the former approach at least two different database structures for the Cuberevo 250 HD/IPBox 91 HD and for the Cuberevo/IPBox 9000 HD.
This is rather difficult and complex to manage. If your database R13329 is still not supported, please send me your specific database.

PCEditor, 18.10.2010:
PCEditor, 18.10.2010
- Fixed: Crash selecting LNB Settings when using database 13226

PCEditor 1.2.59, 17.10.2010:
- New: Support for Cuberevo 100HD (beta)
- New: Support for database revision R13226
- New: Update database R11421 to R13226 (Transponders for Nilesat are not updated)
- New: Increased the number of recently opened databases to 10
- Fixed: Problems showing VIZYON 800HD receivers after creation
- Fixed: Showing wrong receivers for serial upload/download
- Fixed: Channel switching didn´t work for HD receivers

PCEditor 1.2.58, 01.07.2010:
- New: Schedule editor (menu tools)
- New: Online transponder import from KingOfSat
- New: Set maximum frequency deviation for identical transponders when importing from KingOfSat
- New: Backup via USB device (HD receivers only)
- New: Resize splitter panes in NIT Edit
- Fixed: Receiver settings for VIZYON 8000 HD could not be created
- plus a few more minor fixes

The schedule editor supports all HD receivers as well as database revisions 1.18/1.19/1.20 from the 200s/400s and 1.22 from the latest Neumo release.

The backup via USB device is for receivers without hard disk. As the all_noboot image is too large to fit into flash memory, it is now possible to use the USB device as a temporary storage. The backup will finally be copied to the computers hard disk. When backing up via USB device please be very patient as this can last several minutes.

PCEditor 1.2.57, 23.05.2010:
- New: Export selected channels with favourite group
- New: Import .ini files from
- Fixed: No terrestrial or cable channels were imported when importing from .csv file
- Fixed: When adding satellites in LNB Edit, wrong value for transponder frequency was set
- Fixed: Showing checkboxes for radio and tv search
- Changed: Flashing for twin tuner models will now be done with the script from the webif

PCEditor 1.2.57.Alpha3.Neumo, 20.05.2010:
This is a public Alpha version supporting the latest Neumo database 1.22.1.
- Adding transponders is possible now

This version only
supports the Neumo 1.22.1 database and can not be used for other receivers!!

PCEditor 1.2.57.Alpha2.Neumo, 20.05.2010:
This is a public Alpha version supporting the latest Neumo database 1.22.1.
- Favourite groups are working now
- Export and import of  .csv files

What´s next? Managing bouquets, transponder import, SatCoDX and Dreambox import, create new database

This version only supports the Neumo 1.22.1 database and can not be used for other receivers!!

PCEditor 1.2.57.Alpha.Neumo, 08.02.2010:

This is a public Alpha version supporting the latest Neumo database 1.22.1.
Currently not supported are favourite groups and  providers/bouquets. This will be implemented next.
Rearranging channels is done like in the image but will be enhanced later on.
Please be aware that this is an Alpha version so it is very likely that there are still many bugs.
Backup your database often to avoid a loss of your database. PCEditor may make your database
unusable. You have been warned!!

This version only supports the Neumo 1.22.1 database and can not be used for other receivers!!
Simply copy this file to your PCEditor directory. In case of any problem don´t hesitate to send a bug report.

 PCEditor 1.2.56, 19.01.2010:
- New: Support for database R11421
- New: Create new database R11421
- New: Update database R11255 to R11421
- Fixed: Bug in calculating the transponder modulation for satellites-xml/Dreambox import
- Fixed: Wrong mapping of FEC values from satellites-xml import
- Fixed: Remove invalid characters again for 300s/400s
- Fixed: Double click on favourite group name selects all channels for all receivers

PCEditor, 09.12.2009:

- Fixed: cutting symbol rate and frequency when importing KingOfSat files

PCEditor 1.2.55, 08.12.2009:
- New: Support for database R11255
- New: Update database R11014 to R11255
- New: Not using Raw Sockets for the ping anymore. As this needed admin rights under Vista, the
  ping under Vista without admin rights should now work.
- Fixed: SQL statements in PCEditor can now have 32768 characters
- Fixed: New KingOfSat import format supported
- Fixed: Sometimes .csv import crashed PCEditor
- Fixed: Wrong symbol rate and frequency when importing dreambox settings
- Fixed: When searching, radio buttons for tv and radio are not shown anymore

PCEditor 1.2.54, 21.10.2009:
- Fixed: Upload channel database
- New: Create database R11014
- New: Invert selected channels

PCEditor, 19.10.2009:
- Fixed: Another upload problem for database R11014 revealed by fixing the previous problems

PCEditor, 19.10.2009:
- Fixed: Upload of channel database R11014 doesn´t work and many other problems concerning the new database revision

PCEditor 1.2.53, 18.10.2009:
- New: Support for database revision R11014 (Firmware R11102)
- New: Option for saving channel switching mode, see PCEditor Settings/General
- New: Show number of favourites in favourite group name
- Fixed: Save column order didn´t work for CubeCafe receivers
- Fixed: Message for duplicate favourites when adding favourites now only for first duplicate favourite
- Fixed: Channel list was not updated when adding favourites to favourite group/favourite group list on HD receivers
- Fixed: Leading zeros for channel names are now also shown in favourite groups
- Fixed: Adding favourite was possible when no favourite group existed

PCEditor, 20.07.2009:
- Fixed: Option "Show channel numbers with leading zeros" was shown twice
- Fixed: Changing the channel name for CubeCafe receivers truncated the appropriate favourite name

PCEditor 1.2.52, 19.07.2009:
- New: Show channel numbers with leading zeros, see PCEditor Settings/General
- Fixed: Crash when loading a channel database and Ukrainian language was active
- Fixed: Crash when importing radio channels from .csv file
- Fixed: Corrupted channel database when editing channel by double click and changing channel number
- Fixed: Problem getting correct next free channel id
- Fixed: Crash when channel database lower than R8118 was loaded
- Fixed: Channel switching mode for the latest Geckow version on CubeCafe receivers works again
- Fixed: Changing channel name with in-place edit now changes appropriate favourite name
plus a few more minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.51, 10.05.2009:
- New: Support for new channel database R9274 (Firmware 9341)
- New: Create new database R9274
- New: Reboot receiver from toolbar
- Fixed: Several problems hiding/resizing channel list columns
- Fixed: Sorting the channel by several columns list was not possible
- Fixed: Problem searching channel names for database revision 8118 and later
- Updated: Polish language file
plus a few more minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.50, 11.04.2009:
- New: Show/hide separate columns from channel list header context menu
- New: Added several fields from channel database to channel list
- New: Support for new OEM receivers from Sezam/MADTEK/VIZYON   
- New: Toolbar button "Check for update"
- New: Ukrainian language file
- New: Added a few setup languages
- Updated: Arabic language file
- Fixed: Sometimes panic after trying to flash an image via ftp from hard disk
- Fixed: Problem with Webif when wrong user/password was set
- Fixed: Export name for WebEPG is now all lowercase
- Fixed: Channel database download: Not changing "Local Directory" when changing receiver
- Fixed: Truncated values for symbol rate and frequency when importing KingOfSat and
     transponders for channel database 1.20 and lower
- Fixed: In-place editing of channel list was not possible for channel databases from CubeCafe receivers
- Fixed: Crash after changing favourite sort order and clicking "Yes" on message box for saving sort order
plus a few more minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.49, 21.02.2009:
- New: Create new database revision 1.20
- New: Define custom telnet port
- New: Define custom ftp port
- New: Enter HDMI output format in Video Settings
- New: Switch in PCEditor Settings/General for detecting Wine
- New: Switch in receiver settings for automatic web interface login
- New: Select additional needed DLLs for Wine during setup
- Fixed: Wine: PCEditor can now read the channel database
- Fixed: Wine: PCEditor can now create image backups
- Fixed: Wine: Crash when hovering over submenu items of context menus
- Fixed: Wine: All languages are shown correctly except Arabic and Greek
- Fixed: Wine: Webif is working on HD receivers
- Fixed: Selecting all satellites/transponders in NIT Edit when adding a new satellite/transponder under Wine
- Fixed: Creating a welcome image for Relook 400s was not possible
- Fixed: Problem adding cable and terrestrial regions when no satellites exist
- Fixed: Sort order of favourites sometimes didn´t remain after changing it
- Fixed: Truncating the symbol rate at KingOfSat import

Important remarks:
First of all I would like to thank HarryZusch for his attention, encouragement, information and support
concerning PCEditor and Wine.

When PCEditor is used under Wine, you need to set the automatic wine detection, otherwise PCEditor
will behave as usual. Furthermore you need to set the option "No Ping when accessing Receiver" in
PCEditor Settings/General. If you want to use the webif under Wine, you will have to set the automatic
login for webif, otherwise PCEditor tries to open the webif in a separate browser. To make the automatic
login for the webif work, PCEditor needs to apply a registry patch for the Internet explorer. If this
registry key doesn´t exist, PCEditor asks, if it should be created. Without this registry key, automatic
login for the webif is not possible.

PCEditor has been tested under Wine with several distributions and several version of Wine:
Kanotix 2007 RC7 / Wine 1.1.14
Gentoo (stable) / Wine 1.1.12
OpenSUSE 11.0 / Wine 1.1.14
Kubuntu 8.04 / Wine 1.1.14

There are still known issues concerning Wine. If you find a problem that should be fixed, please report.

PCEditor, 03.02.2009
- Fixed: Crash when using NIT Edit

PCEditor 1.2.48, 30.01.2009:
- New: Import transponders from
- New: Choose receiver when downloading a channel database
- New: Added columns transmission and modulation for transponders in NIT Edit
- New: Auto adjustment of columns in NIT Edit
- Fixed: Possible problem flashing images via ftp for all receivers
- Fixed: Wrong context menu in NIT Edit
- Fixed: Calculating wrong frequency for HD receivers when importing from Dreambox
- Fixed: Problem detecting DVB-S2 transponders when importing from Dreambox
- Fixed: Wrong label in general options for "Search by substring"
- Fixed: Missing scroll bar for channels in NIT Edit

PCEditor 1.2.47:
- New: Search for new versions online and download them, see menu Help
- New: Support for receivers IPBox 91 HD, Cuberevo-200 HD, Cuberevo-2000HD, Cuberevo-3000HD and
- New: All existing receivers have their own label now
- New: New naming convention for downloaded channel databases and backup images
- New: Support for Neumo 3.1 database
- New: Support for latest Neumo settings
- New: Set the http port for the webif manually in the network settings of a receiver
- New: Audio mode is changeable when adding or editing a channel
- New: Change and save column order of channel list. Drag a column to its new location.
- New: Select custom grid background colour
- New: Create channel list for WebEPG
- Fixed: Problem detecting wrong image type when flashing by ftp
- Fixed: Possible problem when uploading a channel database with IPBox 910
- Fixed: Wrong settings for maturity control
- Fixed: Wrong message when importing transponders from KingOfSat import file
- Fixed: Several sorting problems in NITView
Plus a few more minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 13:
- New: Support for IPBox 910 HD
- New: Comparing database revisions while uploading channel database
- New: Messagebox, when database revision of image and uploaded database do not match
- New: Reorder Favourite Groups to have the same order in the image as in PCEditor.
            You find this option in the context menu of Favourite Groups.
- Fixed: Sorting favourite groups didn't work sometimes or showed weird sort orders
- Fixed: Sometimes uploading the channel database didn't work.

Remarks: I would like to thank Branta for the idea and his program to sort the favourite groups and apologize for making his program obsolete.

Many people had the the problem that they could only download the channel database and uploading it failed. This fix was tested by some of those people and uploading worked for them. So I hope that I finally found and fixed the problem.

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 12:
- New: Support for database R8118

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 11b:
- Fixed: KingOfSat transponder import for non CubeRevo/IPBox 9x databases
- Fixed: Finding no S2-transponders for CubeRevo/IPBox 9x when importing KingOfSat transponders

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 11a:
- Fixed: Database download for CubeRevo/IPBox 9x didn't work

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 11:
- New: Import of satellite transponders from KingOfSat
- New: Greek language file
- New: Romanian language file
- New: Creating an all_noboot image for CubeRevo mini/IPBox 900
- Fixed: Bug getting next number for channel order when creating new channels for non CubeRevo/IPBox 9000
- Fixed: Database download for CubeRevo mini/IPBox 900 didn't work
- Fixed: Database upload for CubeRevo mini/IPBox 900 didn't work
- Fixed: Bug adding cable transponders
- Fixed: Crash when editing terrestrial region
- Fixed: Calculating correct next channel number when adding new channel
- Fixed: Problem creating terrestrial regions
- Fixed: Now it is possible to add terrestrial and cable channels manually
- Fixed: Adding terrestrial "transponders" is possible now
- Fixed: Adding cable "transponders" is possible now
- Fixed: Pasting terrestrial channels is possible now
- Fixed: Wrong csv export for R7934
- Fixed: Wrong satellite id for channel when cut/pasting cable channels
Plus a few minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 10:
- New: Support for database revision 7934 (Image Revision 8022 or later)
- New: Update database R7327 to R7934
- New: Settings entry for Power Mode (in HDD settings)
- Fixed: Wrong FEC data for IPBox 9000/CubeRevo when editing transponders
- Fixed: Select modulation and transmission for IPBox 9000/CubeRevo when editing transponders
- Fixed: Crash when dropping a favorite at the end of the favorite list

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 9:
- New: Support for database revision R7329 (IPBox 9000/CubeRevo)
- New: Update database R7032 to R7329 (IPBox 9000/CubeRevo)
- New: Create new database R7329
- New: CSV export files now have consecutive numbers in file name
- New: Channel switching via PCEditor for IPBox 9000/CubeRevo
- Fixed: Question about platform type when creating database R5929
- Fixed: Wrong channel numbering when importing SatcoDX files
- Fixed: No radio favorite groups when importing Dreambox channel list
- Updated: Polish language file
Plus a few minor fixes

 PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 8:
- New: Support for next database revision R7052
- New: Create new database R7052
- New: Update database R5929 to R7052
- New: Flash CubeRevo images from hard disk
- New: Sorting and grouping by second column for CubeRevo
- New: Turkish language file
- New: Switching channels on CubeRevo /AB9000 from PCEditor
- Fixed: Import of SatcoDX files version 103
- Fixed: Some HD channels were not shown in PCEditor
- Fixed: When drag/dropping channels, channel number is automatically updated now
- Fixed: Value for "Dolby Default Out" was not saved
- Fixed: When creating all_noboot backups, only kernel_root backups were created
Plus a few minor fixes

As there is not enough space left in "/tmp" on the CubeRevo/AB9000 HD for flashing
all_noboot or kernel_root_db images, the image now can be copied to hard disk. Flashing is
started from hard disk then. To achieve this, tick the checkbox "Flash from Hard disk"
in the flashing dialog.

The channel list for the CubeRevo/AB9000 HD can now be sorted by two columns. If you
want e.g. to sort by provider and then channels within the providers, click on the
provider column. Then hold the CTRL-key and click on the channel name column (service).

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 7:
- New: Support for CubeRevo-Mini
- New: Removed Non-Unicode version
- Fixed: SatcoDX import from generated SatcoDX files
- Fixed: Sometimes existing satellites were not shown in LNB Edit
- Fixed: Missing short name for channels when manually creating a new channel
- Fixed: Deleting duplicate channels was impossible when using SID as criteria
- Updated: PCEditor now supports SQLite databases up to version 3.5.8
- Updated: Database satellite/transponder data for creating new database R5929
Plus a few minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 6a:
- Fixed: Crash when drag/dropping channels

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 6
- Fixed: Pasting cable channels set the wrong QAM value
- Fixed: In-place-editing of cable transponders set wrong data
- Fixed: Adding favorites to favorite groups didn't set the sequence according to image favorite behaviour
- Fixed: Showing QAM value for cable transponders
- Fixed: Only appropriate Satellites are shown when in-place editing satellites
- Fixed: When editing transponders/satellites only the appropriate satellites for a channel are shown
- Fixed: After creating HD channels, they were shown as SD channels
Plus a few more minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 5
- New: Add and edit cable regions and transponders
- Fixed: When creating channels for CubeRevo manually, they didn't show up on front display/ in channel list
- Fixed: Adding one transponder adds 2 transponders in listview for receivers other than CubeRevo/AB9000
- Fixed: Wrong transponder FEC value was saved for receivers other than CubeRevo/AB9000
- Fixed: Media Type combo box for CubeRevo had too many items
- Fixed: Adjusted the video settings for R6630
Plus a few more minor fixes

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 4a
- Fixed: Crash when using DiSEqC 1.2 in LNB Edit

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 4
- New: Create and edit LNB settings
- New: Create new database R5929
- New: Create serial "all.img" images for CubeCafe 250
- Updated: Video and HDD settings in channel database
- Fixed: Creating serial images didn't work at all for any receiver
- Fixed: Crash when sorting channels by favourite group

PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 3
- New: Flashing CubeRevo images by ftp is working now for R6407 or later
- New: Flashing CubeRevo images by USB with PCEditor is working now (Same functionality as FlashTools from DGStation)
- New: Creating kernel_root backup images for CubeRevo
- Changed: Uploading the channel database by ftp now works the way it should be. (R6407 or later) The channel database is copied to /var/db.dat.edited and the start script copies this database to /var/db.dat after a restart.
Plus a few more minor changes and fixes